Carol assembles a rifle - The Grove deleted scenes (x)


"The grove" deleted/extende scene

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Her smile at the end. She believes it might actually all be okay. Nope. I’m done. - The Grove deleted scenes (x)


Her smile at the end. She believes it might actually all be okay. Nope. I’m done. - The Grove deleted scenes (x)


Cause of death: Deleted scenes from “The Grove.”

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"Warnings: Major character death—"


"Half of your OTP x OC—"


"Unfinished. Last time updated: 358451 years a—"


"Starts with your OTP—


—but eventually NOTP”



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"I didn’t ask for this."

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"Though an oddly matched couple, there’s no denying a connection between The Walking Dead’s Carol and Daryl and I’m pretty sure everyone else is on the same page as me. Will Season 5 finally be the season that Caryl finally becomes a thing? I’m pretty sure the only person who could come between them in Season 5 of TWD is Beth. Go home, Beth, you’re a baby. Team Caryl! Even if it’s not a full-on hook up like Glenn and Maggie’s relationship, could we at least get a little makeout action?…

Last year, after Season 4 began airing, Vulture finally asked Melissa McBride why Daryl and Carol have never hooked up before. “They’re too smart. And it’s kind of hard to do it with a clunky crossbow strapped behind your back…

It was devastating last season when Rick separated Daryl and Carol because of that whole thing where she killed Tyreese’s GF, but now it seems as though Carol and Tyreese are on their way to Terminus and will probably be crucial to Rick & Co’s escape. So, I do believe if that’s the case, Rick owes Carol one hell of an apology….

The Spoiling Dead Fans posted pictures of McBride and Reedus on set together, which means at the least, they will definitely be together again, even if it’s not in the romantic way that we keep hoping for.
When it comes to Caryl, McBride also told Vulture, “I think having elements of a deep connection, that’s wonderful. I think that if it evolves, that’s also wonderful. But, I don’t know, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be caught with my pants down.”

In case you weren’t convinced that there will be lots of Caryl time this season, TSDF spotted a van falling off of a bridge and “dummies” of Reedus and McBride. I don’t know what this means though, because if they fly off a bridge in a van, there better be some passionate make out sessions some time before that. Here’s to hoping Season 5 is the magical season of Caryl. Can it just be October already?”

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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

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Season 4b timeline


Definitely. Actually. Factually.


(If you can’t read the graphic, click here: Season 4b Timeline

Additional info:

  • Maggie and Glenn are reunited on Night 8.
  • Maggie, Glenn, Tara, Abe & co arrive at Terminus on Day 9

So, no, there is no 4, 6 or 8 week jump between Still and Alone. If there were:

  • Rick & Co, and Carol & Ty would have been walking the rail tracks for 2 months.
  • Walking an average 3 mph for 8 hours a day, they would cover 1344 miles in 2 months. The entire state of Georgia is 300 miles long. They would have walked to Michigan.
  • This Bob Stookey’s face after 9 days on the road:


This is Bob Stookey’s face after a couple of months on the road:


So, please, come at me with SOME evidence that Daryl and Beth were on the road for 2 months.